An electronic mailing list is a collection of email addresses which get the exact same message simultaneously. When you send an email to the mailing list address, your message will be re-sent to all the addresses on that mailing list automatically, but none of the receivers will become aware of who the other recipients are. In the general case, one has to join a list, but occasionally mailboxes are included manually without the consent of their owners. Based on the particular list management software, you may also be able to add new mailing list subscribers, so users will not be able to register for a mailing list unless you authorize their request. The mailing list option is extremely useful if you would like to send newsletters on a regular basis or some other kind of regular announcements to clients, considering that you’ll need to send just a single email and all of the subscribers will receive it momentarily. As a result, you will not need to fill in multiple mailboxes manually.

Mailing Lists in Website Hosting

Each and every website hosting plan that we offer will allow you to create multiple mailing lists and to administer them with ease. You can choose the mailbox which will be associated with the mailing list and that will be used to send out email messages. You can select an administrator address and password too. The Majordomo app that we use offers numerous options, so you can authorize or remove subscribers, view a list of all current members, and much more. You’ll be able to get a complete list of all currently available functions and commands if you send an email to with the word "help" in the body of the message. Adding or removing a mailing list is just as easy and requires only a couple of clicks in the Email Manager part of your Hepsia website hosting Control Panel.

Mailing Lists in Semi-dedicated Servers

The Email Manager tool, which is an essential part of our Hepsia Control Panel, will permit you to create multiple electronic mailing lists when you host your domain names in a semi-dedicated server account with our company. Setting up a brand-new list is truly easy – you will just need to indicate an administrator email address and pass and the mailbox from which your email messages will be sent to the users, and then to save them. Through the intuitive Email Manager tool, you can also remove active mailing lists if you don’t want them any longer. Using simple commands, you’ll be able to view a list of all the subscribers for a specific mailing list, to authorize new subscription applications, to remove users, etcetera. The mailing list management software application that we use is called Majordomo and it includes quite a few features, which you’ll be able to access and modify.